“Hello again. I recently purchased the 500mg admix CBD for my little dog. Shes doing really well on it and Ive noticed a huge improvement in her arthritis and overall health. So I want to order more now. Great product! "Regards Lauren.” (NSW)


Hi Bob, I've been meaning to write and thankyou for your oil that I bought for my dog with really really extreme anxiety! He's been on it for about 6 weeks now I think and the change has been incredible! It was noticable in him within days really but probably the last couple of weeks especially, [Read more...]

15yo Dog getting back on its feet again

On 23/02/2018 Hello Bob Thank you for my oil, after 6 drops =11/2 days Tara our dog is already better,has eaten about half of what she would before, Very happy with that! Regards Annemarie NSW.  

Huge reduction in seizures!

“The product is Absolutely Awesome! Our boy (dog) is going great and the frequency of his seizures have dropped dramatically. Axel has gone from having up to 15 – 20 Seizures a week to literally 3-4 over the 3 or so months since using this product. I be passing through QLD in the next 4 weeks [Read more...]

“I only wish I had found you much much sooner.”

Hello Bob, Thank you for getting back to me.  Unfortunately I am going to have to cancel my order as my dog is not going to make it, I only wish I had found you much much sooner. I am so sorry for the inconvenience. Regards Tracey

Green Label CBD for Dog Anziety

Hi Bob, Been using the CBD oil now for the last few days on my dog Pepè and I really already see a difference in his temperament, it's great! Just wondering though as it is a 15 ml bottle and the suggested dose for Pepè is 12-13 droppers (he is 36kilos) obviously the bottle even though I haven't [Read more...]

CBD Oil – Anxiety for Dog

"I agree with you whole heartedly!! It has been wonderful for my dog and when I am in a position to buy again I will! I truly think this oil is a miracle product! I actually did use a little for myself when I was having a social anxiety episode and my anxiety completely disappeared! it was truly [Read more...]